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My biometric guard patrol system not allow to register new fingerprint

2020-05-27 14:30:43

My biometric guard patrol system not allow to register new fingerprint

Q : I have used this biometric guard patrol system before , now want to register new fingerprint , but device not allow to access .


A : This is because there is “manager” fingerprint existed in device , only should press “manager” fingerprint can allow to access (this feature is to avoid operator register or delete fingerprint privately )

“Manager” fingerprint with permission to delete fingerprint template from device or open new fingerprint registration menu .

Solution :
Connect patrol device to software , go to communication page à click “ Update staff” to check current fingerprint &staff list” from device to find out who is the manager , then ask him to press his fingerprint to unlock the new fingerprint verification function .

(For model Z-6500F)

(For model Z-6900F)

If “manager” is not on site now or not available timely , you can remove manager fingerprint from device first , then click “Update” to update device fingerprint to register new fingerprint first .

(For model Z-6500F)

(For model Z-6900F)

After new fingerprint registration finished , then add the manager fingerprint again and update to device together with new registered staff fingerprint info .

(For model Z-6500F)

(For model Z-6900F)

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